Da necessidade

Fashionable women in luxurious homes,

With men to feed them, clothe them, pay their bills,

Bow, doff the hat, and fetch the handkerchief;

Hostess or guest; and always so supplied

With graceful deference and courtesy;

Surrounded by their horses, servants, dogs–

These tell us they have all the rights they want.

Successful women who have won their way

Alone, with strength of their unaided arm,

Or helped by friends, or softly climbing up

By the sweet aid of "woman's influence";

Successful any way, and caring naught

For any other woman's unsuccess–

These tell us they have all the rights they want.

Religious women of the feebler sort–

Not the religion of a righteous world,

A free, enlightened, upward-reaching world,

But the religion that considers life

As something to back out of !– whose ideal

Is to renounce, submit, and sacrifice.

Counting on being patted on the head

And given a high chair when they get to heaven–

These tell us they have all the rights they want.

Ignorant women–college bred sometimes,

But ignorant of life's realities

And principles of righteous government,

And how the privileges they enjoy

Were won with blood and tears by those before–

Those they condemn, whose ways they now oppose;

Saying, "Why not let well enough alone?"

Our world is very pleasant as it is"–

These tell us they have all the rights they want.

And selfish women–pigs in petticoats–

Rich, poor, wise, unwise, top or bottom round,

But all sublimely innocent of thought,

And guiltless of ambition, save the one

Deep, voiceless aspiration–to be fed!

These have no use for rights or duties more.

Duties today are more than they can meet,

And law insures their right to clothes and food–

These tell us they have all the rights they want.

And, more's the pity, some good women too;

Good, conscientious women with ideas;

Who think–or think they think–that woman's cause

Is best advanced by letting it alone;

That she somehow is not a human thing,
And not to be helped on by human means,

Just added to humanity–an "L"–

A wing, a branch, an extra, not mankind–

These tell us they have all the rights they want.

And out of these has come a monstrous thing,

A strange, down-sucking whirlpool of disgrace,

Women uniting against womanhood,

And using that great name to hide their sin!

Vain are their words as that old king's command

Who set his will against the rising tide.

But who shall measure the historic shame

Of these poor traitors–traitors are they all–

To great Democracy and Womanhood!

The Anti-Suffragists

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935)

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L. tha...

Deixo aqui o link para o meu novo blog de poesia, “uma só vida?...”
Vou postar por lá a minha poesia toda, entre 1995 e 2008

Acrescentei lá o teu link, estou a tentar juntar o máximo de blogs de poesia em português

bom fds

Anonim tha...

belo poema.

mAmAdA_mAn tha...

mt louco o texto


Bill Stein tha...


Anonim tha...

Belo poema e muito a propósito da variedade de vaidosas mulheres. Claro está que antes destas, e igual a elas, há muitos mais homens. O Homem egoísta e egocêntrico e fútil por natureza. Talvez elas tenham apenas seguido o exemplo dele, para obterem o mesmo que ele. Talvez elas até se tenham tornado piores do que eles, até porque numa mulher tudo é duplamente recriminável, vá se lá saber porquê.

Fireman tha...

Tenho alguns blogs, e eu gosto que você está propondo uma parceria de link,
eu amplamente disponibilizadas aos meus blogs para aumentar minhas visitas a meus
sócios também recebem mais visitas em seus blogs também, e é uma ótima maneira para
a divulgação do nosso trabalho , o que eu faria tudo da minha colaboração com ela,
mas se não for por favor me diga o que você quer com o que nós faremos o mesmo, de um abraço,
parabéns pelo seu blog e estou esperando para aceitar a associação
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